Quality Policy
Rev. 1 del 01/01/2018
Tecnogomma S.R.L.  has always pursued customer satisfaction through its business activity. Furthermore, through the maintenance of its Quality Management System, with a view to continuous improvement, it is proposed to optimize company processes by establishing working and communication methods among the various functions, and to define the activities that govern the exchange of information between the customer and the company.

The Management has decided to define a specific Quality Policy, the pursuit of which will not only consolidate the company's market position, but also increase its customers' loyalty. This document attests to the concrete commitment of the Organization for continuous improvement and is the natural reference for the identification and re-examination of quality objectives.
The Management decided to orientate its work in the context of priority defined and summarized in the following points:
•   Define your internal and external context in which the Organization operates •   Operate in compliance with the needs and expectations of the parties involved, internal and external to the Organization, activating effective communication channels with them
•   Know, understand and communicate at all levels of the organizational structure the needs and expectations of customers, concretizing their needs in requirements for the organization, making every effort to exceed their expectations
•   Operate in full compliance with the regulations applicable to the Organization •   Planning the Quality Management System by applying a risk based approach (Risk Based Thinking), determining risks and opportunities in order to pursue continuous improvement
•   Monitor and measure the degree of customer satisfaction through surveys and statistical analysis
•   Apply, monitor and systematically improve the effectiveness of business processes, including through performance analysis methodologies •   Define improvement plans related to objectives defined and periodically reviewed
•   Pursue the gratification of all company personnel by ensuring the resources to increase their knowledge, competence and awareness about the importance of each activity towards the achievement of corporate objectives

Ultimately, the Management intends, through the Quality Management System, to create a new business culture also through the involvement of all personnel in continuous improvement so that the achievement of quality objectives is shared as a common goal and become the priority commitment of each.
The Management undertakes to implement this Quality Policy, ensuring the resources and conditions necessary for its implementation, periodically providing for the review of the same in order to verify its consistency with the defined objectives.
Quality objectives that are measurable and consistent with this Policy are interesting for all the activities of the company and involving the various responsible functions, are defined and verified in their implementation and effectiveness during the periodic reviews of the Management System for Quality.
Because the success of the Quality Management System is essential for the competitiveness and growth of the company, it is of primary importance that all employees understand and share this Quality Policy.
The Quality Manager is delegated the task of preparing and updating the Quality Management System and verify its effectiveness. In carrying out this activity, he will be able to rely on the personnel of the company he considers suitable and who will coordinate directly.
Good job to all!

The Direction